Bathroom 2

IMG_0305 (2)

This bathroom came out really nice.  It features a tiled shower, floor and walls. Also new drywall, paint and vanity.

I used Schluter KERDI-BOARD for the shower.  I love using schluter systems for showers because they are very waterproof.  It protects the shower from mold and mildew in a way that backerboard can’t.  It’s also easier to work with because it’s very light and simple to cut.


I also used Schluter Ditra on the floor.  It’s great for tile underlayment, because it prevents the tiles from losing their bond when the sub-floor expands and contracts. In the picture below you can see I used leveling spacers for the floor tile.   I  like using these, because they help prevent lipage in the tiles, so you get a nice clean look and won’t stub any toes.


Here are some more pics of the bathroom in progress

The finished product