Our New Deck and Other Projects We’re Working On

Well, we’re finally ready to post pictures of our finished deck.  We’ve been using it for about a month now and we love it!  We’ve been slowly finishing the railing while we’ve been working on other small projects, and it’s finally totally completed except for the stain.  We plan on staining it and our fence at the end of summer to give the wood time to dry out.  Now we have to plant some grass seed to fill in the patches.


We love having an area to hangout outside now.  We made a smaller lower deck and larger upper deck which gives us a total of over 350sqft to play with.  Our house is relatively small, so this gives us extra space to host BBQs or small get togethers.  Also, it’s a great place for our son to play, and now with the railing up he can run around, and I don’t have to worry about him falling off.  I haven’t used it to sunbathe yet, but I’m sure I will this summer 😊.

Now that this is finished we can start some of our other projects.  As you can see we ripped off the siding when we put in the new windows and French doors.  It was in too rough of shape to put back on, but we plan on residing the house anyway.  We’ll most likely do the siding last since we want to wait until we replace all the windows, and we’ll probably be ready for that next spring, so we’re thinking of starting the front porch next while it’s nice outside.

img_0592.jpgMy little guy decided to photo bomb this pic lol.

Because Wayne is superman he’s always working on many different projects at once. He cut down and ripped out the ugly over grown bushes in the front of the house this week, and finished the deck.  It already looks better.  We want to rip out the old front porch and put in a new larger one that’s more functional and aesthetically appealing. I can’t wait because every time it’s a windy day I’m afraid the roof is going to blow off this one.  Wayne ratchet strapped it down for now lol.  We still have the kitchen, pantry/laundry room, living room, and two more bedrooms to finish.  We have a long way to go, but we’re making progress, and every step is exciting and fun to see the before and afters.

Anyway, here are some more picks of the deck while it was being built.


Decks are a great investment because they can add value to your house, they look great, and they give you living space outside with a great place to entertain.  If you would like a deck in your backyard, or to update one you already have, you can contact an expert like my husband to do the job for you.  Decks are one of his favorite projects to do, and he’s great at it.  Here are some picks of previous decks he has built: Small Deck and Cedar Siding and a High End Deck.  If you are more of the DIY type, we will be posting a tutorial soon!


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