How We Built A Simple Fire Pit In Less Than An Hour

One of my favorite things to do when it starts getting nicer out is sit around a fire and drink some wine right in my backyard.  It’s a great way to relax and spend some quality time with my hubby.  I’m sure when my son is older he will enjoy it too (the sitting around the fire part not the drinking wine part).  There are many different types of fire pits you can make, but we chose to keep it as quick and simple as possible, because we have so many other projects that we need to finish on this house.  This fire pit cost us around $130 to build and took us less than an hour.


Wall block- 33 pieces at $1.58 a piece ($52.14)

Pavers for the base – 9 pieces at $1.88 a piece ($16.92)

fire pit ring – $58 dollars

Total – $127.06

You might be able to make this cheaper if you shop around more for the blocks.  We picked ours up at our local Home Depot and the wall blocks were on sale.  The cheapest fire pit ring we could find was at Amazon and it had solid reviews, you can find it here.  The fire pit liner hasn’t come in yet, so we used an old one we had from a previous fire pit we made for now.  That’s why it looks old in the pictures.  The liner is important, because it helps prevent the blocks from getting too hot and crumbling.

The Base

First thing we did was plan out where we wanted the fire pit.  We wanted it away from the house and tree in our backyard, so I think we found the perfect spot.  Next we measured where the pavers will go.  We needed 3 pavers across the width and length for a total of 9 pavers.  Then we took the shovel and made an outline of a square to dig for the pavers.  After that we dug out the square a couple of inches down.  Of course there had to be a big root where our hole was that we had to cut out.  Then we leveled out the dirt and placed the pavers on top.


The Fire pit

How many blocks you need will be determined by how big your ring and blocks are.  We made a circle with them around the ring to see how many we needed first.  Then we made 3 layers of blocks on top of each other.  The blocks we chose had a lip on them, so for them to sit flat we needed to chisel that out first with a hammer.


Next, it’s time to put in the ring, and we’re all done.


There are other ways we could have made this.  Most people suggest using sand or stone as a base instead of the pavers, but we like using the pavers because it makes it super easy to clean out.  There is a possibility of them deteriorating over time, but we never had a problem with the last fire pit we built, and we used it for a couple of years.  If you would like though, you can put sand or stone on top of or in place of the pavers.  The last fire pit we built right into the deck which we loved, but I didn’t think that type would be safe with our son.  It’s another cool option though.

11959992_711501569313_7194267826586630327_n (1)


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