Benefits of a Fenced in Yard

I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate a fenced in yard.  Adding a fence was one of the first projects we completed at our house, because it was that important to us.  We have two dogs and a 1 year old, so it has been a blessing.  Here are some reasons we love our fence.

Safety and Convenience

When we first moved in we had to let our dogs out one at a time on a runner which was a pain. On top of that we couldn’t play with them because the line was dangerous and a tripping hazard, and they couldn’t play outside together.  Now that we have the fence we just open the door and they can go outside.  In the summer it’s even nicer because we put a magnetic screen door in like this one, and they can come in and out as they please.  Our retriever loves to play fetch and now we don’t have to worry about him running away or snapping the line (he gets a little crazy lol). The dogs love to chase and play with each other, and this gives them a secure place to do it.  It also offers a secure place for our son to play away from the road and other dangers.


Keep Unwanted Intruders Out

Not only is a fence a great way to keep your pets and children in, it also keeps unwanted intruders and stray animals out.  It can deter critters that you wouldn’t appreciate in your yard or garden, and you can leave your grill, toys, and other belongings outside without worrying that someone will steal them.  Plus, a fence is a necessity when you have a pool.  It’s a liability issue to have a pool without a barrier where neighboring kids can come and swim without your permission.


Even if you have no pets or kids one of the best reasons to put up a fence is privacy.  It gives you your own space.  I’m a private person and I can play outside with my son without feeling like people are watching me or feel like I’m interfering with someone else’s backyard barbecue.  It’s much more relaxing, less awkward, and makes me feel more secluded.


Here are some more benefits you might have not thought of.  A fence can provide shade, and act as a windbreaker for you and your garden.  It can decrease the noises from loud neighbors or traffic.  Lastly a fence can be aesthetically pleasing and add style and charm to your space.

We love our fence, and it has made our yard much more enjoyable.  If it’s something you’re interested in you can contact a professional like my husband, or if you are more the DIY type here’s a tutorial on how to build one yourself.



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