Our Bathroom Flip

I explained in an earlier blog post how we bought our house to be a live-in flip, and started our bathroom before we moved in but hadn’t finished it yet.  We started working on other projects and rooms that were more important to finish.  For a while we had half finished drywall, no paint on the walls, or molding up.  I’m happy that we finally have a fully put together bathroom.

This room is another that we had to fully gut.  It had ugly fake tile on the walls, a nonfunctional window, and carpet on the floor.  It also had no exhaust fan.  We ripped it down to the studs and rewired everything, re-insulated the walls and changed the water lines.  We put in a new tub and shower surround, new window, vanity, and toilet.


We ripped out the carpet and replaced it with porcelain tile.  We put Schluter Ditra under the tiles, which is our favorite underlayment to use, and we added crown molding.

We still have to change the doors out, but they are fine for now.  Also we’re not sure if we’re going to tile the shower or walls yet.  We’ve gone back and forth.  We don’t mind it the way it is, but we’re not sure how much value it would bring to tile it before we sell it.

If you want to read more about this flip check out our earlier blog post Our First Live-In Flip


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